Hi There, I’m XtremeCoder.

I’m the owner of IngeniousApps, a Non-Profit Mini Organisation.

I’m only 15.

I started programming when I was 13.

I love to do Python.

I first started Python in 2017, when I was in Secondary 1. Then, I was introduced to Discord, and I got to learn about Discord Bots.

It was then, I started to gain an interest in Programming. I mastered python in 2018, and went on to start IngeniousApplications on the 30th of November, 2018.

I specialize in Web Development.

Although this website is made with WordPress, my Mini NPO’s Site, IngeniousApplications, is a 100%-python based website.

I’ve taken part in many competitions.

I’ve won first in the Asia Pacific Youth Robotics Competition, and participated in the NUS National Olympiad in Informatics for 2 years.

See all my awards